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Alan Brown




'True Colours'  -  2004

Sandford Gaudie Gallery (following an 18 month residency at Customs House, South Shields)

'The Party Line' - 2010

Reg Vardy Gallery, Sunderland. Gender in politics.

'Civic' - 2011

International Festival of Billboard Art. Billboard on St. Mary's Way, Sunderland


'A Rose Tinted Spectacle' - 2010

A record of events inside the Sunderland Central constituency Labour Party in the run up to the 2010 UK General Election

'Mind the Gap' - 2015

Observations whilst travelling on the underground.

'Word on the Street l'   - 2015

'Word on the Street ll'  - 2016

'Word on the Street lll' - 2019

'Word on the Street lV' - 2020

'Word on the Street V' - 2023

An on-going series of street photography

'Watching Over Us' - 2016

Returning the gaze on surveillance cameras.

'Empty Chairs' - 2017

You fill the chairs with your own imagination.

'The Bigger Picture'    - 2017

'The Bigger Picture ll' - 2020 

Looking around in art galleries. What catches the eye?

'Durham Miners' Gala  (1994 - 2022)'    - 2022

Photographs accumulated over 28 years of visiting this annual

social/cultural/political event.

'Pause for Thought'    - 2022

A collections of monochrome photographs of contemporary dance.

Giving permanence to the ephemeral.

'Mixed Messages'    - 2023

The UK Union Flag. What does it say about those who use it?

'Brief Encounters'    - 2024

Unplanned/unexpected eye contact . . .  on the street.


MA (Photography) - 2010

Featured Interview in Street Photography Magazine  - Oct 2019


Flickr  for over 3000 further photographs.


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